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...was fond of your writing, it allowed me to see into you... The Hotelier - Discomfort Revisited

A Brief Hiatus Statement

A short word on the silence from these quarters.

Charlie Simpson – Long Road Home

The very pleasant cover art shows Simpson fading into the background.

The Cape Race – Home, Truths

Near-operatic, ultra-passionate Mancunian alt-rock.

Interview: Maybeshewill

We spoke to the Leicester-based instrumental rock maestros on the brink of releasing their fourth album.

Our Fold – She Goes On

Our Fold’s “She Goes On” makes me want to use all manner of adjectives that aren’t typically a part of my vocabulary – words like “rollicking” and “boisterous”. It’s one of those rare radio-ready indie-rock cuts whose character and dynamism grab you from the get-go and, once done, beg the question: how far can these […]

Twin Atlantic’s Fall To Stardom

Is it still unacceptable to use the term “selling out”? Someone pass me a thesaurus.

The Hardest Part: Coldplay’s Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories is the first Coldplay album that is not meant for me. I have moved with this band from their earlier sensitivity, through ambitious notions of space and time, past an expansion of musical and (as proposed) cultural horizons. Mylo Xyloto found me at a point where music and music writing were the only things […]

Conor Oberst – Upside Down Mountain

The peak of a towering career.

Andrew Jackson Jihad – Christmas Island

A simple force speaking through a conduit.

Fight Like Apes – Whigfield Sextape EP

Karate-rock turned judo, and have you ever watched a judo match?

Coldplay – A Sky Full of Stars

Forget this. The rest of Coldplay’s upcoming album Ghost Stories might be a new spin on Parachutes, but even if it is (it won’t be), “A Sky Full of Stars” will still ruin it. Indelibly. With “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” and “Paradise”, they pulled their brand of rock into a circle of shameless pop friends, dressed it […]

When You Felt Alone

    Don’t tell me again that it’s all in my head.   On closer reflection than I had initially given, it might say something important that I don’t feel qualified to talk about the issue of mental illness as engaged with through music. I spent two years at University without support for, explanation of, […]

The Rise And Fall Of Coldplay?

Reviewing Coldplay’s 2011 pop stomping Mylo Xyloto at SputnikMusic, I swooned over the colour of it all. I’ve always had a problem with Coldplay, which is to say I’ve never had a qualm whatsoever. While their detractors have pulled apart the least edgy edges of their sound in an impressively diverse catalog of ways, I’ve found […]

Copeland – Ordinary

“… “Ordinary”‘s understated nature can count itself as further evidence that the heartstrings will always be Copeland’s primary target.”

Twin Atlantic – Heart & Soul

Prepare for some new affirmations of life … maybe.

Interview: Johnny Foreigner

We spoke to the Birmingham indie-punks about exhaustion, festivals, and Jay-Z.

Manchester Orchestra – Cope

More might, more passion, more volume. Less effective.

Sam Brookes – James

“Hearing “James” is a calming experience in so many ways.”

The Hotelier – Home, Like Noplace Is There

Tell me again that it’s all in my head.

The Format – If Work Permits

“If Work Permits” is perfect. Sorry for being so brash but, you know, there are those songs that, top-to-bottom, kill it. The Format were a band that, by the time second LP Dog Problems was released, had more in common with the Beach Boys than anybody else. Those oohs in “Oceans”, those harmonies in the […]

Johnny Foreigner – You Can Do Better

You kinda always know when it’s over. But you still carry on.

Johnny Foreigner – Stop Talking About Ghosts

“The hardest part is letting go.” The excitement for new Johnny Foreigner record You Can Do Better builds to a head with the breakneck new single “Stop Talking About Ghosts”, which finds a cyclic keyboard motif interrupted variously by Kelly Southern’s adamant cries and Berrow/Herriot’s thunderous guitars. It starts innocuous enough and morphs into a […]

Bayside – Cult

Consistent for years but this might be their best.

Macklemore’s Last Stand

Only the love of a saviour can save ya.

The Khanz – Deerhunter

A devastatingly intoxicating song which thrives off its own dizziness.

Snow Patrol – Final Straw

It’s not as if I need the extra weight.

Sound of 2014: Who Cares?

Adam Knott laments the celebrity focus of the annual pop checklist.

Los Campesinos! – No Blues

The title is ironic. Obviously. Come on now.

By Volume Mixtape, September 27

Wander the line between Autumn and Winter with our September mixtape, a cavalcade of pop gems where pop has various suffixes and we share the best of our personal playlists. Whatever your sensibilities, we’re confident you’ll find something in the next 9 tracks to love. Enjoy.

Okkervil River – The Silver Gymnasium

The figure on The Silver Gymnasium’s cover is, quite literally, burdened by ‘home’.

Los Campesinos! – What Death Leaves Behind

And we’ve arrived to the grownup’s table wearing filthy bibs.

The Dodos – Carrier

A heavy record to carry; a precious one to bear.

The Cape Race – Digging For Gold

“The Cape Race’s debut record Home, Truths might be one to anticipate.”

The Crimea – Square Moon

The Crimea sign off with an indie-pop classic: sharply elusive, smoothly beguiling, and gorgeous.

Tramlines 2013

We didn’t get to see Public Service Broadcasting, the band we’d drawn a pencil loop ’round who use public information films in place of vocals. The line outside the ticketed venue – The Harley – was unmoving amid a fluid city centre. So we wandered across the street near the Students’ Union and watched a […]

I Can See Mountains – Life on a Houseboat

I’m well aware I’m jaded.

We Were Frontiers – Giveth Taketh Away

Sigh no more; rejoice, for folk-pop is saved.

Editors – The Weight of Your Love

Push your head towards the air.

By Volume Mixtape: June 20, 2013

Hello! Welcome to By Volume’s first mixtape! I would have said “weekly,” or “monthly,” or maybe even “yearly,” but who really knows when we’ll get you the next? We’ve been live for a good two months now, but before we were this grown-up, battery-powered and recharging website – back when we were more of a […]

The Front Bottoms – Talon of the Hawk

What you call smart and careful is seriously slipping out of control.

Dan Deacon – “Call Me Maybe” A Cappella, Layered 147 Times

Dan Deacon is as absurd as he is brilliant.

Frank Turner – The Way I Tend To Be

Bittersweet Frank Turner at his finest.

The Front Bottoms – Twin Size Mattress

Weakerthans meet folk-punk.

No Middle Name – Another Season

Lush dream-pop from The Title Sequence’s David Bailey.

The National – Graceless

Tense, thrilling and beautiful; The National encompassed.

Jimmy Eat World – Damage

An uninspired record which fails even on nostalgia and makes it very tough to believe in any Future at all.


By Volume is looking for exciting, compelling articles and stories about the musical energy that makes every city tick. As part of an ambitious new project, we’re aiming to pull together a snapshot of the world’s local music scenes, how they pulse, and what they mean to the people that live and breathe them. We’re […]

Frightened Rabbit – Pedestrian Verse

“There is light, but there’s a tunnel to crawl through; there is love, but it’s misery that loves you.”

The National – Trouble Will Find Me

A liberated, weightless record which is both vintage National and something more gorgeous entirely.

Great Cynics – Like I Belong

An organic and spirited punk record which breaks the bank on earnest simplicity.

I, Robot

Hi. My name is Adam. I’m 22, I speak three languages, and I don’t believe in god. When I was 15 I got my heart broken and fell into radio pop-punk, which put it back together again without even thinking twice. Since then, I’ve gradually fallen deeper and deeper into music; I discovered post-rock through […]

The Thermals – Desperate Ground

No band makes such decisive anger sound this profound.

By Volume: Back To Business

Towards the back end of 2012, things got a little tangled at By Volume HQ. For a number of reasons, our new content wound down until the speakers were fully muted. Those reasons largely revolved around things loosely categorised as ‘life’ – but when we got the chance, we took a step back, looked at […]

Tall Ships – Live In Leeds

Tall Ships, Dad Rocks! and Beware Wolf at Leeds’ Brudenell Social Club

Mixtape #5: October 2012

Featuring How To Dress Well, Rachel Sermanni and Menomena.

Frightened Rabbit – State Hospital EP

Grit, heart, poignancy and a curve ball make this EP a Frightened Rabbit microcosm.

How To Dress Well – Total Loss

An elusive, emotional and complex masterpiece.

Abel – Make It Right

A spectacularly passionate record with energy, heart and punch.

Rachel Sermanni – Under Mountains

Through a sense of space and melody, Rachel Sermanni delivers a folk record with poise and beauty.

The Killers – Battle Born

Nobody notices a fire in an exploding building.

To Rate, Or Not To Rate

I hereby award this feature seven music.

Amplified: The Weakerthans

What does “I love you” mean, anyway?

Mono – For My Parents

But it’s only the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.

Bloc Party – Four

A startlingly good, and hectic, return to form.

Yellowcard – Southern Air

It’s always summer in my heart and in my soul (ad infinitum)

The Antlers – Undersea

Greater depths and new heights.

Tramlines Festival

Sheffield’s urban music festival is a swirl of beautiful sound and atmosphere.

Little Comets Interview

We catch up with the north-east indie-rockers at Tramlines.

65daysofstatic Interview

We talk to 65daysofstatic about their new album, and playing a “hometown” show.

The Importance of Wilco

Channing Freeman talks about Wilco, his father, and the strength of music.

Passion Pit – Gossamer

Still exciting, but this time, gorgeous.

The Rocketboys – Build Anyway

A shimmering triumph.

Hold Tight, Remember Today

Why the Thermals are a force to behold.

Gavin Castleton’s Home

A pop album with a truly earth-shattering concept.

Ghost Mice – All We Got Is Each Other

A folk punk gem which uses its unfailing frankness to work through tragedy and emerges resilient as a result.

mewithoutYou – Ten Stories

A confident and charming concept album about circus animals, and other more important things.

Japandroids – Celebration Rock

Thunder this continuous doesn’t come easy.

Amplified: Lana Del Rey

Channing Freeman digs into Born To Die.

John K. Samson – Provincial

Keelan reviews the Weakerthans… we mean, John K. Samson.

John K. Samson – Provincial

Keelan reviews the Weakerthans… we mean, John K. Samson.


The Crimea - Square Moon
Mount Kimbie - Cold Spring Fault Less Youth
FKA Twigs - LP1
The Antlers - Palace
Various Artists - Angola Prison Spirituals
Sleep Party People - Floating
Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d. city

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