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Gotta get out, before my heart explodes. Candy Says - Not Kings

Unsound 2014: Peripheries and Playpens

Tayyab examines Unsound 2014’s experimental nature.

Unsound 2014: On Ephemera

Tayyab links scent to sound.

Unsound 2014: The Dreaming

Tayyab explores Kraków Unsound’s theme in depth

Short Circuits 24

Tayyab surveys Holly Herndon, Arca and the found sounds of Rick Ross. You heard us.

Goat – Commune

Join in the ritual.

Short Circuits 23

23. 23? 23! Fresh on its way to 30, it’s another Short Circuits! Featuring Beatrice Dillon, Call Super, Paul White + more.


Impressive and on the cusp of breathtaking, but there’s a little missing.

Short Circuits 22

SC is back at it! This time with full-length releases! LPs from Gobby, bine☃ & Jo Johnson featured + more.

Shabazz Palaces – Lese Majesty

“To be us it takes leaps of faith.”

Short Circuits 21

Person of Interest, Finn, Tomonari Nozaki, Lotic. Along with some general sound bathing.

Various Artists – Angola Prison Spirituals

Heartfelt gospel and blues from the Alcatraz of the South.

Luke Abbott – Wysing Forest

A search for humanity.

Field Day 2014

Between us, we saw one guitar band

Artist Spotlight: MYYTHS

Meet Brighton’s own electronic doomsayers

Short Circuits 20

In the 20th edition of Short Circuits: Yung Gud remixes Jacques Greene, Kyoka’s haunting voice and Da Multi Snake’s frenetic beatcraft.

Ought – More Than Any Other Day

Intimate, yet still immense, this is an album that forges true emotional connection.

Selections: May 2014

In May 2014’s edition of Selections: Slimzee’s return, Burial-like vocals, 80s ambient and Japanese pop.

Short Circuits 19

Get ready for fun: it’s the least danceable Short Circuits ever!


Radiation levels are pretty high.

Christopher Bissonnette – Essays In Idleness

Sweeping analogue soundscapes that pass with little impact.

Selections: April 2014

In this month’s mixes round-up, Tayyab worries about listening to too much music, then decides to listen to everything.

Short Circuits 18

In this edition: vampires who run imprints and lullaby vibes.

Selections: March 2014

Tayyab marches onwards with the RA podcasts, but enjoys a smattering of folk mixes and student radio along the way.

Short Circuits 17

Ballooning synths, tongue-in-cheek moments, childhood nostalgia and some nail gun action — it’s another edition of Short Circuits.

Swetshop Boys – Benny Lava

A merging of cultures.

Selections: February 2014

Serious music not taking itself so seriously.

Short Circuits 16

Todd Terje prepares us for his album release rapture and Even Tuell tries to bring about spring, Things get terrestrial in this edition of Short Circuits.

Christina Vantzou – No. 2

An at times foggy journey that is deceptively calming and always a joy to get lost in.

Mumdance – Springtime EP

Sharp and pummeling, but sadly just a quick glimpse.

Short Circuits 15

In this edition of Short Circuits: Antiquated 3-D Landscapes, blistering percussion, understated beauty, SONAR, and of course — excellent music.

Selections: January 2014

Need some tunes to complete your existence? Fear not! Thankfully, Tayyab can point you to hours-upon-hours of great mixes.

Willis Earl Beal – Toilet Parade (Ode to NYC)

“Answer the phone, and talk to your mother, she just wants to know how you’re doing. She just wants to know what you ate yesterday.”

Snow Bone – Remote Viewer EP

Consistent and at times exciting but overall a distant listen from the veteran producer.

Short Circuits 14

All the electronic investigation you’ll ever need (today) — it’s Tayyab “Gumshoe” Amin with Short Circuits 14.

John Aulich – Ambito Novum

An intriguing attempt at experimenting with electronic music, but ultimately a frustrating listen.

Short Circuits 13: Mixes of 2013

Tayyab highlights some of this year’s excellent mixes.

Obituary: The Child of Lov

I remember seeing the video for “Give Me” premier. I remember digesting that this artist, who’d seemingly appeared without a past, would be releasing a soul/funk album produced by Damon Albarn featuring DOOM. I clicked play as fast as humanly possible, to “Give Me”, which would go on to relate a phenomenon that would hold […]

Short Circuits 12

In this edition of Short Circuits: Evian Christ’s evolution, R&B vocal interpolations and a unique view into Muslim world before our internet-led, global-connectivity.

A$AP Ferg – Shabba (Remix)

Hey Mister DJ, pon de replay.

Short Circuits 11

Kassem Mosse, Jerome LOL, Objekt, Ayinla Omowura and Ghost Mutt featured in Short Circuits 11.

Here to Stay — Pitchfork Music Festival – Paris 2013

Paris is Pitch’d to generally great ends.

Black Deer – Black Deer

A bold example of unhindered self-expression.

Short Circuits 10

Kelela, Mount Kimbie, and a flood of remixes? It’s like Tayyab never left.

Justin Bieber – Hold Tight

He could be onto something here.

Bestival 2013, Part 2

Robin and Tayyab finalize on a wild festival.

Progress – Simple Things Festival

Tayyab visits Bristol for the excellent and intriguing Simple Things Festival.

Tim Hecker – Virgins

Hecker’s venture into the unknown.


Tayyab witnesses something truly unique.

Darkside – Psychic

Cerebral, deceptive, but sadly not all too memorable.

Factory Floor – Factory Floor

Repetition on overdrive, Factory Floor have created an infectious and danceable debut.

Short Circuits 9

In this edition of Short Circuits: hours of grime, remorseless drops, and the ringing alarm from Timesplitters.

Bestival 2013, Part 1

We totally didn’t invite Fatboy.

George Maple x Kilo Kish x Kwes – Gripp

“With two strikes of bass, that ultimate intimacy is reached as the camera cuts out and the screen fades to black.”

Hidden — Dean Blunt Live

Deep in the shadows, Dean Blunt delivers in concert.

Short Circuits 8

Tayyab discusses the dwindling appeal of artist anonymity, bedroom production — though what matters most is the tunes.

Sounds of Space – Sigur Rós Live

…euphoric cheers and the occasional “That’s fucking Jónsi!”. That said it all.

Dean Blunt – Stone Island

Endless intrigue inhabit Blunt’s shadows.

Forest Swords – Engravings

Inspired by himself; manifesting himself.

Jessy Lanza – 5785021

Honesty within all the ethereal haze.

Short Circuits 7

Tayyab visits Berlin (in his dreams), gets numbed by Wanda Group, and discovers Recondite for us.

Moderat – II

Features the elephant sample that would be king.

FKA twigs – Water Me

“I promise I can grow tall.”

Short Circuits 6

Primed for the news cycle as ever, Tayyab reviews Record Store Day! Also: less relevant things.

Earl Sweatshirt – Hive (feat. Vince Staples and Casey Veggies)

“His main policy is to spit in the face of doubters…”

Short Circuits 5

Tshetsha Boys – Bafana Bafana (Jiaolong, 2013) The rise and rise of Shangaan Electro proceeds in the manner of a runaway train, an image which does justice to the highly kinetic, automatic-fire dance culture from southern Africa, known to reach, say, 180 beats-per-minute on a casual basis. Don’t let the unfamiliar tempo scare you off […]

King Krule – Easy Easy

Time to strap-up those shit-kickers.

Short Circuits 4

Tayyab’s fourth excursion battles with Moderat’s old ghosts, a Helena Hauff song for which the word “bananas” was secretly invented, and “Misty Cold”, baby.

Short Circuits 3

Demdike Stare – Dyslogy (Modern Love, 2013) Demdike Stare are known for their world-shattering, nightmarish take on techno, but prove they know how to mix things up on their Testpressing#003 extended play for Modern Love. “Dyslogy” features over three minutes of minutes of droning build up, wherein the slight, crackling sound effects seem like tricks […]

Part 2 – Parklife Weekender 2013

Sunday’s line-up had much more packed in a smaller space of time, and we watched Éclair Fifi get proceedings underway in a Hudson Mohawke-curated tent, which was criminally under-populated at first. Nevertheless, the LuckyMe DJ threw together a marvellous set and would continue to host the stage between acts to audiences of a more deserved […]

Part 1 – Parklife Weekender 2013

Manchester was once rarely associated with any particular festival oriented towards the youth or general music lovers of the UK. The people behind the monumental – even notorious – Warehouse Project recognised this, and thus the Parklife Weekender was born; initially aimed at the sizeable local student population, the festival spread its wings and took […]

Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap

Chance relates to everything. Watch him ascend to it.

Short Circuits 2

Laurel Halo – Sex Mission (Hyperdub, 2013) More often than not, when I talk to others about Laurel Halo, her interesting manipulation of voice becomes the focal point of the conversation. I’m not interested in that as much as I am by her consistent cases for being considered a formidable beatmaker. Still reeling from her […]

Live: How To Dress Well

It could be pure, distilled emotion. It may be unconditional love. It’s there, whatever it is. As Tom Krell speaks to us for the first time, I feel the same presence I’d felt just once before – when I’d seen Stevie Wonder. His first action is to request a standing ovation for one of the […]

Short Circuits 1

I want to talk about songs. Not all tracks are songs, nor all LPs albums. There are people who simply don’t accept or believe in the concept of the album – particularly when it comes to ‘dance’ music, which is the direction this piece takes. It should be noted that I feel ‘dance’ is a […]


Fiona Apple - The Idler Wheel...
White Lung - Deep Fantasy
Saltland – I Thought It Was Us But It Was All of Us
Christopher Bissonnette - Essays In Idleness
Nickel Creek - A Dotted Line
Final Straw
Snow Patrol - Final Straw
Lust For Youth - International
Girls Love Beyonce
Drake - Girls Love Beyonce

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