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Got our poster on her wall so every boy that she brings back will see my best side. Johnny Foreigner - Stop Talking About Ghosts

A Brief Hiatus Statement

A short word on the silence from these quarters.

Unsound 2014: Peripheries and Playpens

Tayyab examines Unsound 2014’s experimental nature.

Unsound 2014: On Ephemera

Tayyab links scent to sound.

Unsound 2014: The Dreaming

Tayyab explores Krak√≥w Unsound’s theme in depth

A Treasure Indeed

Our recap of Sunday’s Treasure Island Music Festival.

(Hardly) Bluegrass In the Park

Our recap of HSB 14 — possibly America’s finest massive music festival.

All My Damn Feelings: A Brighter Revolution

“This record reflects so much of my fear, my frustration and my hope back at me.” Artwork by Christian Harrop

Short Circuits 24

Tayyab surveys Holly Herndon, Arca and the found sounds of Rick Ross. You heard us.

Short Circuits 23

23. 23? 23! Fresh on its way to 30, it’s another Short Circuits! Featuring Beatrice Dillon, Call Super, Paul White + more.

All My Damn Feelings 3: Texas, Deep In My Heart

Audrey listens to her home state.


Marissa Nadler - July
Twin Atlantic - Heart & Soul
Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork
Xiu Xiu - Always
Xiu Xiu - Always
White Lies - Big TV
Moonface - Julia With Blue Jeans On
Ought - More Than Any Other Day - By Volume
Ought - More Than Any Other Day
stop talking
Johnny Foreigner - Stop Talking About Ghosts

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