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65daysofstatic Interview

We talk to 65daysofstatic about their new album, and playing a "hometown" show. Author: on July 24, 2012
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Sheffield-based 65daysofstatic headlined the second stage on Sunday of this year’s Tramlines festival, and during the afternoon I took solace from the heat to ask Joe Shrewsbury and Paul Wolinski about playing a Sheffield show and how their next album is coming along.

So, Tramlines! Last time you were here, your set was cancelled because of a fire alarm. What’s it like playing here for “the first time”, I guess?

It’s nice to… I think, at this point in our lives we try to treat all the festivals the same. There’s quite a lot of stigma attached to playing Sheffield because there’s a lot of people


you know there, and it tends to make me – personally – very nervous, so I try not to think about it too much. It’s really nice to be asked to play, though, and it obviously looks like a really great festival, a positive thing for the city, definitely. I suspect that if we weren’t playing it, I probably wouldn’t attend. It’s not my kind of thing – it’s really full-on. Too many crowds!

Have you guys been playing many festivals?

Not really, no. We weren’t going to play at all, but some festivals have asked us to play, and we said yes, because it’s always good to road test new material, but it was always going to be a quiet year touring-wise, because we don’t want to just go out on another tour with the same songs. We wanted to write the new record.

What can we expect tonight – hits or new material?

Well, both. We’ve got an hour set, which is pretty good. And all of our hits are kind of relative anyway, it’s not like there’s loads of songs that we absolutely have to play.

So yeah, a couple of brand new ones, that we’re trying out…

…off the new album?…

They haven’t made it onto the new album yet. There isn’t a new album yet, but they’re in contention.

Are you still writing?

We’re still writing, definitely. Probably… I dunno, it’s hard to say how far through we are. Maybe somewhere over the halfway mark, but these things can come together pretty fast, or not, depending on how they feel.

How does the new album feel?

It feels good. It takes… it definitely takes us longer the older we’re getting, and we’re definitely more careful about getting things right, I think that’s fair to say. So we’ve got a nice amount of material but it’s definitely not finished. But you’re starting to see what kind of album it might be.

What kind of album might it be?

Fucking noisy and weird. And quite… slow. Yeah. It’s not gonna get on daytime radio!

So it complements We Were Exploding Anyway, rather than being…

It’s definitely… it’s not Exploding 2, it sounds more like, I think it’s got a lot in common with The Fall of Math, and also, it’s pretty dark, and sparse. It feels quite dark… I’m really trying to avoid using the word… “druggy”, because drugs have got nothing to do with it and haven’t been involved in the making of it, but I’d definitely say it feels quite disengaged. Yeah, disengaged is the word.

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