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I'm afraid of heaven because I can't stand the height. I'm afraid of you because I can't be left behind. St. Vincent - Regret

By Volume: Back To Business

New look, same ethos; By Volume returns. Author: on April 9, 2013
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Towards the back end of 2012, things got a little tangled at By Volume HQ. For a number of reasons, our new content wound down until the speakers were fully muted. Those reasons largely revolved around things loosely categorised as ‘life’ – but when we got the chance, we took a step back, looked at what we had built and what we had to offer, and made the decision to really come back with the gloves off.

So that’s what we are – back. You may notice that the site has undergone more than a little redesign. We loved the old layout’s roughness, but it placed limits on what we could present. So we sharpened up somewhat, keeping the same red-and-blue colour scheme and moving to a more spacious layout that we hope you like the look of. The site is still undergoing some tweaks – the chances are it always will be – but we hope you like the way it feels.

The mission statement is the same as it ever was: to talk about music, without the fluff in between, and to try to provide a place where people can love an art form rather than consume an industry. Again, we’ll be on the warpath advocating both deep analysis and analysis-free, impulsive love of songs, albums and artists’ work. We promise never to be drawn on extra-musical questions of fame and scandal – unless it has wider-reaching implications.

To accompany our relaunch, we’ll be publishing articles about the love of music this week, for you to understand what we’re getting at, if you didn’t already. Today, Robin Smith has written about Boris, musical memories, and his perspective on experimentation.

Lastly, we’re delighted to announce that, for a short period, we’re accepting applications from writers. These positions are tentatively paid ones. We ask two things: that you subscribe to what’s written about our philosophy here, and that you provide us with some evidence that your writing is not just ‘engaging’ or ‘effective’, but also exciting and insightful. Contact for more information.

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