A Brief Hiatus Statement - By Volume

Understand that I am only as he made me: a faithful servant to all of the noise, all of the lights, all of the flashing in my head. Laura Stevenson - Wheel

A Brief Hiatus Statement

A short word on the silence from these quarters.

Author: on June 22, 2015
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We’ve been quiet.

Okay, silent. Somewhere in 2014 our respective lives got in the way of writing. It was always one of the perils of being a relatively small publication with much less a marketing plan than an open-ended open letter to music. Operating in a music journalism world that was just beginning to embrace a new content outlook was difficult for us; our honestly-spoken pieces to no deadline except “it feels finished” were ripples in a waterfall.

By Volume isn’t a dead publication, but we’re taking some time to rethink how we go about providing the kind of heartfelt criticism we did for almost 3 years to a new audience, while working the discovery and encouragement of new writing talent into that model. We have a new project to tie into this over at gigflare, but By Volume will be returning in 2015 under its familiar moniker, if slightly bolder and more daring.

In that weird way we all know, we hope you miss us at least a little bit. Thanks for keeping patient. We’ll be back soon.

– Adam Knott

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