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...was fond of your writing, it allowed me to see into you... The Hotelier - Discomfort Revisited


By Volume is looking for people to write about the music that courses through their hometown. Author: on May 28, 2013
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By Volume is looking for exciting, compelling articles and stories about the musical energy that makes every city tick. As part of an ambitious new project, we’re aiming to pull together a snapshot of the world’s local music scenes, how they pulse, and what they mean to the people that live and breathe them.

We’re not looking for lists of bands or venues – we’re after insight and intrigue, somebody who can shed real light on the heart of their hometown’s musical livelihood.

Articles will be editorially overseen and a small appreciation fee will be paid for each article which ends up being used in the final project.

If you’re passionate about your local music scene and think you can put into words why that passion matters and where it comes from, email or fill in the form below.

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The city you'd like to write about

Tell us a bit about why your music scene excites you. Don't write a full article - a couple of paragraphs should do. Be intriguing, insightful. Don't compare it to other cities unless it highlights your point; explain it on its own merits and dynamics

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