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Selections: March 2014

Tayyab marches onwards with the RA podcasts, but enjoys a smattering of folk mixes and student radio along the way. Author: on April 3, 2014
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If you’ve been keeping track of our Short Circuits column, you’ll know I spent a fair bit of it gushing over something titled “Secret Mix”. GFOTY pops up once again with others from the PC Music crew in tow for an hour of demented pop on DISown Radio. LuckyMe affiliate A.G. Cook, who has a few PC Music releases under their name, opened the first ten minute slot before GFOTY re-hashed parts of Secret Mix along with other material. Keep an ear out for the cover of Burial’s Archangel that Kane West throws down in the final few – easier said than done considering how irrefutably mind-melting the show is. Certainly for fans of Sophie, whose twenty-minute cameo on Just Jam seems to have disappeared from the internet – so here’s “Bipp” again.

Resident Advisor haven’t held back with the podcasts, and one person can only keep up for so long! Their month began with a surprise appearance from White Material’s ace-in-the-hole Galcher Lustwerk, who’d previously conjured one of last year’s best mixes and was about to release an EP on Tsuba. He works his sleek, amber-sheened house alongside an unexpected selection of hip-hop, starting with a SpaceGhostPurrp beat, bringing in DOOM’s King Geedorah and rounding it out with Brooklyn’s exceptional self-made concrete MC Ka. DJ Marfox followed up a week later, and his mix is almost entirely of his own material. Mentoring DJ Nigga Fox, Marfox’s music can be broadly described as Afro-Portuguese, sprouting from kuduro around Lisbon and incorporating numerous percussion-fixated influences to form a beast that rattles the body. Subterranean grime navigator Beneath also dropped a mix for RA, teasing a clip from his forthcoming PAN release in a journey through the underbelly of sub-bass. Of course one of the highlights has to be that ridiculous Pinch & Mumdance collab, “Turbo Mitzi”.

Former RA editor Todd L. Burns announced a new feature for RBMA Radio called “Pathways”, exploring the roots, branches and futures of genres. In the pilot, Burns teams up with Claude Speeed of seminal record label LuckyMe to explore the ins and outs of math rock. Now, the extent of my own knowledge of math rock centers around Battles and Foals, where the podcast ends, so it was certainly beneficial for me to hear about the early days with Don Caballero, the influence of Touch and Go/Quarterstick, Zach Hill’s Hella drumming and the strange genius of Captain Beefheart. If you lean towards the noise side of things, Leeds Union Music Library ran a special show on LSR with a tracklist that, ignoring Merzbow, centres around Yorkshire’s thriving noise/experimental scene. There’s some chatter with local artists and exciting sounds to boot, though my pick would be the not-so-noisy guitar, more sombre confessional from Sophie Cooper.

In the February column I briefly touched on the Berceuse Heroique label, and they really pulled the stops out for their Juno podcast even if it isn’t so representative of their release catalogue. Rather than gritty techno, ΚΕΜΑΛ’s mix turns out to be a thrilling adventure through Persian, Greek and Turkish folk music plus some classical towards the end. For more classical, Laurel Halo weaved together an hour of material for WQXR that coincidentally, though fittingly, begins with an unforgettable piece of work from the late Robert Ashley and forges a surreal path through composition.

And if you’re still hungry:

  • Jam City – Earthly II (The Night Slugs grime revolutionary throws some ragga into an already-vitriolic mix)
  • Dorisburg on Aim Cast (Eighty minutes of twilight house)
  • Nina for Berceuse Heroique (One from a resident of Hamburg’s increasingly prolific Golden Pudel club)
  • Voices From The Lake on Beats In Space (The Minimal Dream)
  • Powell’s Melon Magic on NTS (More music for the end of the world, and a guest mix from Streetwalker)
  • Eclair Fifi on Overdrive Infinity (It’s party time on the French channel)
  • Machine Woman – Sonic Disturbances (A nice portal into the darker side of electronic)
  • Jay L on Juno Plus (The Wholemeal mix makes a night of house in Bristol all the more exciting)
  • Rolling Acres is Blowing Up The Workshop (Excerpts and offcuts of ambling electronica)
  • iMarkkeyz for iMFMag (Vine is basically people dancing to Jersey Club and iMarkkeyz is often the soundtrack – it’s the latter half of this you want, edits that’ll get you jerking)

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