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Music Journalism Jobs

Music journalism jobs are hard to come by.

At By Volume, we’re all about enabling great music writers to flourish and explore their sonic surroundings. We’re not driven by profits, we have a pretty adventurous editorial line, and the only pre-requisite for writing with us is that you have an interesting, passionate and art-focused take on great music.

Writing for us is a great way to build a portfolio that illustrates your talents and ideas at their most provocative. We have a vested interest in people writing about things that thrill them, and we don’t ask you to write about things that don’t.

We pay our writers sporadically. That may sound like a cop-out, but it’s not currently possible for us to keep people on freelance contracts. We hope it one day will be; until then, we hope to keep attracting the best in music writing talent to give them a safe and supportive place to talk about what they love.

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Candy Says - Not Kings
Ra Deflin - Tema ft. Jessica Johnson
Short Circuits 7
state hospital
Frightened Rabbit - State Hospital EP
Rewind Reviews #3
We Are The Physics - Your Friend, The Atom
The Antlers - Undersea
Lust For Youth - International

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