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Gotta get out, before my heart explodes. Candy Says - Not Kings

Our Writers

Audrey White (Staff Writer)
Audrey White
Audrey is a Texan living in Managua, Nicaragua. She has a lot of feelings. You can also read her writing at Autostraddle.

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Adam Knott (Editor & Founder)
Adam Knott
Adam founded By Volume and oversees the site's growth. He's a pop-punk romantic and feeds off indie-rock as a staple diet.

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Daniel Smith (Staff Writer)

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Dylan Siniscalchi (New Music Editor)
Dylan Siniscalchi
Dylan is By Volume's New Music Editor. He spends a lot of time with his finger on the pulse, blasting the music we receive from up-and-coming artists.

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Gabriel Power (Staff Writer)
Gabriel Power
Gabriel lives in London, has a near-obsessive passion for pretentious math-rock and firmly believes The Age of Adz to be the greatest work of art in human history.

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Irving Tan (Staff Writer)

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Jeff Goodwin (Staff Writer)
Jeff Goodwin
Jeff reviews for By Volume and at his personal blog at Luddite Stereo.

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Keelan Harkin (Staff Writer)
Keelan Harkin

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Robin Smith (Features Editor)
Robin Smith
Robin edits features for By Volume. He subsists on a healthy diet of twee pop and grindcore.

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Rudy Klapper (Staff Writer)

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Yo La Tengo - Fade
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Okkervil River - It Was My Season
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The Thermals - Desperate Ground
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Twin Atlantic - Heart & Soul
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Wale - The Followers
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SubMotion Alium
SubmotionOrchestra - Time Will Wait
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Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
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Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork
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