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Big K.R.I.T.

King Remembered In Time

Yo Krizzle where your sub at?

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Author: on July 8, 2013
Cinematic Music Group
April 10, 2013

Through most of 2012 it was easy to forget about K.R.I.T., his debut proper Live From The Underground dropping in June with a relative whimper on the heels of the superior Foreva N a Day, a free mixtape.  Regressing back into the shadows, only popping up here and there on various guest spots, mostly on singles that were drops in the ocean, the year seemed like a strange hibernation for K.R.I.T. , leaving many in a bewilderment as to his future as a solo artist. Live From The Underground  sold marginally well, but didn’t necessarily do great for a major, and certainly wasn’t an emphatic artistic statement that would garner a dedicated following. Little of this seems to matter now though; 2013 saw a statement of intent in his appearance on A$AP Rocky’s excellent single “1 Train.” K.R.I.T. capped off the track with arguably its best verse, sounding invigorated, youthful and razor sharp. Another promising sign: his most recent mixtape, April’s King Remembered In Time, solidifies the re-upped hype train. While it isn’t the expansive masterwork K.R.I.T. still has in him, it is a great mixtape, featuring some excellent bangers and intricate insights into his personal life.

“I’m better off when I’m all alone,” K.R.I.T. emphasizes on the woozy “Meditate,” aggrandizing himself amongst a syrupy beat and lazy guitar lines. For a man who creates and arranges all his own music it is not hard to imagine him being a bit of a loner, and it feels like a plain allusion to that;  contrast this, though, with his frequent boasts of rolling around town with just a girl and his sub, and how he often derides his peers and enemies for essentially being uncultured dumbasses. Put that aside: this mixtape is K.R.I.T. in the realm in which he walks most comfortably.  It’s loneliness, but it’s also solitary career game: most of K.R.I.T.’s best tracks lack any guests, even if he loosens his grasp on the record’s construction. King Remembered In Time allows him to breathe freely, relaxing the stakes and retiring the major-label ambitions of his debut. I really feel like K.R.I.T. was just in an unfortunate down period in his career, then; now he’s experimenting again, “R.E.M.” featuring an excellent James Blake sample that K.R.I.T. gives new life as his hook. “My Trunk” finds him in all his “Rotation-esque” glory, emphasizing the excessive badassery of his sub-woofers. Hell, even Trinidad James throws down when under K.R.I.T.’s command.

King Remembered In Time is the first K.R.I.T. product in recent memory that features someone other than himself behind the boards. Granted 9th Wonder was only granted one track – the boom-bap wonderland of “Life is a Gamble” – but small progress is progress none the less. Considering how effortlessly K.R.I.T. winds in and out of 9th’s wiry beat, he may benefit from a little outside influence from time to time. Tapes like K.R.I.T. Wuz Here and Return of 4Eva were incredible in their scope, in how much he created and how fucking great to exceptional the material was. But sometimes we all need a breather and if anything, King Remembered In Time is a showcase for a newly rested K.R.I.T. returning to the fourth quarter, seconds left on the clock. He hasn’t quite scored the winning basket yet, but he’s lining up for the shot, and oh does that footing look good.

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