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The Cape Race

Home, Truths

Near-operatic, ultra-passionate Mancunian alt-rock.

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Author: on August 11, 2014
Ten Letters
August 11, 2014

Home, Truths does nothing by halves. Manchester’s The Cape Race have never been a band to pull punches, and they know they’re in a fight; their 2011 EP Now, Voyager was absolutely steadfast in its sincere, propulsive tone even when the riffs dropped out on the record’s closing track, and their first full-length album harbours no intention of scorching away those hallmarks, even if they do morph shape and texture on some of the more adventurously-styled tracks. The constant that pins Home, Truths together is the feeling that The Cape Race are a band pouring every ounce of their desire to be earth-shattering into every crack in the album’s surface.

It’s enthralling to hear, as stellar opener “Digging for Gold” gives way to the falsetto-laden (but by no means feeble) chorus of “The 77″, how many different guises that ambition can take without ever jolting outside the sonic territory established on Now, Voyager. This is a band whose influences have yet to soak fully into their skin, but it’s an ebbing and flowing dialing up and down of genre signifiers and faint familiarity as opposed to a track-by-track name-the-cover exercise. At moments, they dilute towards the raw aggression of something resembling punk, and at others they stretch to fill a stadium, while “Vines” swirls and crashes amid distortion that hints at a less-ventured darker side.

That the record closes in the same way as the Now, Voyager EP did is evidence of a band that has had eyes on this debut outing for some time. “Now, Voyager” is a momentous song which grows from hushed tones to devastating waves in the space of an engrossing six minutes. As David Moloney crumbles to the sound of his own voice – “I’m awkward in my skin, but I’m comfortable in yours” – the band begin to swell around him and The Cape Race gear up for one final assault, recognizing that the last track of your first album is no time to start worrying about the future. Home, Truths climaxes one last time in the same way it does throughout: loudly, and with the utmost conviction.

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