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Kairos E.P.

It’s kind of like when it’s sunny and raining at the same time.

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Author: on June 26, 2014
Fin Records

The sonic lushness of Kairos’s self-titled debut EP reveals Lena Simon’s varied experiences as a formal student of music, member of bands and composer. Its six songs feel fully realized, balanced, and lovingly presented.

The record starts off with “Casanova,” a fitting title given how much it makes me want to make out with someone. “Cold Habits” is lusciously relaxed and shows off Simon’s lovely vocal abilities. “November” proves that Kairos is more than electro-pop, rich as it is with the intriguing guitar and drum lines that bring depth to the album as a whole.

The record blends the aesthetics of California, where Simon grew up, and her chosen home of Seattle. It’s cloudy without being forlorn or sunny without being so bright you need shades. These are songs for listening to back at your friend’s cousin’s shitty beach house, after seven hours in the sun, when everything is sandy but you’re too lazy and too content to take a shower. These are songs for putting on when you’re putting off going to the grocery store because it looks like rain.

In all, Kairos a fine introduction to an artist who has been in the game long enough to define herself. The EP feels satisfying but still open ended — there will be more to come, and it will not disappoint us.


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