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Gotta get out, before my heart explodes. Candy Says - Not Kings

Sky Ferreira

Night Time, My Time

So bright. Tonight, tonight.

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Author: on November 22, 2013
Capitol Records
October 29, 2013

I am just going to assume that in the month-or-so since its release Night Time, My Time’s cover has already been obsessed and expounded upon. In truth, it nearly derailed my entire perception of the record. Possessing no more than passing knowledge about the twenty-one-year-old singer/model/social media personality, I foolishly assumed that her depth as an artist may not stretch far past the visual provocation she was eliciting with her bare-boned self, plastered across her debut record’s art. Judging a book by its cover, as usual, came back to slap me in my smug face. She was successfully dissolving any of the mystery behind her and the debut. Her youth and attractiveness were not being allowed to dominate her actual talent. Here everyone look: I am naked. Now can we please get back to my music? In doing so, I found that “Boys’” juicy melody lingered for hours after first being introduced; I began walking about humming “24 Hours’” delectable hook and could not forget “You’re Not the One’s” John-Hughes-inspired backbone for the life of me. Ferreira’s music, for the most part, is this half-shambled collection of jangly elements that coalesce into equal parts glam rock, electro-pop, guitar-rock and even touches of modern EDM. Which on paper can seem a bit haphazard but in practice is generally more successful than it has any right being.

Speaking of being surprisingly great, Night Time, My Time is in itself a declaration of sorts for Ferreira; following nearly three years of delays and unapologetic shelving, she’s released a remorseless album that feels very much true to the artist. “Nobody asked me if I was okay!” she wails, turning her disillusions into a fist-pumping anthem. Though this can be said for a lot of Night Time, My Time – there is a distinctly downtrodden vein that runs deep in much of Ferreira’s music, yet it doesn’t hold back any of the innate catharsis present in the flowing riffs or lush synth-lines. This is pop music, make no mistake about that, but thankfully substance doesn’t overpower the tunes in regards to Ferreira as a songwriter. Relieving when you consider just how much that emotional-oomph keeps the record in heavy rotation, though this isn’t to discount Night Time, My Time as some sort of difficult record or whatnot. Hitting up YouTube to preview any of the album’s tracks could serve as a legitimate barometer for the record – like one and you’ll probably enjoy them all. This is rooted in Ferreira’s ability to craft shit-hot hooks but what really invites Night Time, My Time into your closest personal confines is how much there is to discover once you’ve moved back from the slick melodies and begin pondering her lyric sheet.

I wouldn’t feel anything / when we pressed into dust forever? / And no angels will help us out / cause they’ve all gone” she illustrates on the closing title-track, as guitars whirl and distortion buzzes in the background. Contemplating in those lucid moments before sleep, when we writhe around trying to assemble ourselves into a comfortable contortion, nestled beneath covers. In the hands of Ferreira though, this world is a little more hectic. “Night time is my time / I’m dreaming of moving / falling in space”, she explains, crafting a dreamscape that is decidedly murky and that much more intriguing for it. “Will I sit down? / Or go faster and faster? / Into the maybe”, she questions, our hands held tightly in her grasp as she pulls us farther and farther down the rabbit hole. Thing is, we’ve been following her for nearly thirty-minutes and reached the end of the journey, but now she is truly asking us to close our eyes and dive in. Best part of the whole endeavor? “Night Time, My Time” is the closing tune, yet it feels like a grand beginning all the same.

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