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Amen Dunes

Lonely Richard

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Author: on February 26, 2014

“Lonely Richard” feels like an ocean wave washing over you. The swirling guitars engulf you and a calculated repetition of snare-taps motion with an ebb and flow as Ice Age’s Elias Bender Ronnenfelt echoes from the distance. Ronnenfelt’s voice is a trick at times to even discern from the fuzz surrounding it, but he has a talent for molding himself to dissonance pristinely. It helps that Amen Dunes, or Damon McMahon, give him a truly serene vehicle by which to transport his lovely vocals. There is an underlying sadness to “Lonely Richard”, though. Elias illustrates a realm of half-assed friendships on the horizon and a loss of faith in love. Yet the song is at its deepest doldrums as he wails its deceptive chorus. “Have yourself a good time”, is repeated with such jarring passion it’s tough to imagine tears aren’t streaming from his eyes as this dejection is vocalized. “Lonely Richard” fades out to rumbling bass, wiry guitars and a hushed choir of “doo doo doo’s” as if to infer that even after all that previous strain: maybe a tune on your lips will allow enjoyment as this undertow sweeps you into the deep.


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