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Boards of Canada

Jacquard Causeway

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Author: on June 11, 2013

On Boards of Canada’s excellent new record, they convey nihilism never before articulated by their music. Their comeback message is one of stern warning, a projection of dystopia in the face of global subordination. Sounds exaggerated? The NSA’s omnipotent surveillance says otherwise. Take “Jacquard Causeway” as the embodiment of this modern fear, the staggered drum beat swaying back and forth like a prison searchlight, ominous synths casting shadows for concealment, guiding paths for the listener to duck in getaway. But then another light is glimpsed on the horizon, reverberating chords materializing a haven of promising safety. And just like that, Boards of Canada cut the scene — the open ending a mark of their beguiling genius.


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