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She goes on and on and on and on about love. But am I ever enough? Our Fold - She Goes On



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Author: on April 9, 2014

Copeland’s comeback Ixora is foreshadowed by “Ordinary”, a heart-rending piano-driven lullaby for a relationship being set to sleep. As though to reform themselves from their essence, the band strip their sound down to the barest buzz – the arms of solemn keys, Aaron Marsh’s multi-tracked vocal and the distant rumble of electronic unrest. Its simplicity is stunning, a cyclic vocal line underpinned by a tapped melancholy as the song stays lyrically inside itself, with no eagerness to startle.

As a reintroduction to Copeland, “Ordinary” is a track for fans of old to feel comfortable with, to swoon over the blissful execution of its few but gorgeous component parts – but it also hints, thematically, that the comfortable sound it extorts might be offset by an Extraordinary when slid into the album whose arrival it announces. That certainly won’t mean a dramatic departure from this aesthetic, but anything akin to You Are My Sunshine‘s atmospheric brilliance is likely to be celebrated. Aaron Marsh is not, perhaps, an innovator at heart, but he absolutely is a writer of beautiful songs, and “Ordinary”‘s understated nature can count itself as further evidence that the heartstrings will always be Copeland’s primary target.



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