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FKA twigs

Water Me

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Author: on August 12, 2013

He won’t make love to me now”, FKA twigs laments, after some time. The admission takes a minute of mulling things over before she’ll tell it to the listener, and to herself. It’s a long minute. Arca, fresh from his work on Yeezus as well as the &&&&& release for Hippos In Tanks, brings characteristic uncertainty and sluggish provocation to the instrumental build-up, knocking R&B elements reminiscent of How To Dress Well against, well, what sounds like furniture. Things fall apart, for a moment at least. Fortunately, FKA twigs recovers to pick up the pieces, and builds her narrative.

He won’t make love to me now / Not now I’ve set the fee.” Not only does she feel dejected about this, but FKA twigs is blaming herself. As the beat ticks over and chords echo outwards with vocals, the most fragile picture is painted and it’s hard not to pity – if not empathise with – the way things have turned out. Anxiety hits home in the middle section as singing turns to panting, as our storyteller attempts to gather herself once more. Her wounds won’t heal, try as she might convince herself otherwise. He had remained unconvinced when she despaired, “I promise I can grow tall”, shattering self-belief as he opted against meeting her part-way, neglecting to make any compromises to show her she’s worth a damn. “I told him, ‘Water me”, she repeats, only to be met, once more, by the silence that was shown to her the first time.

Arca displays deft talent for subtlety with his held-back production that arrives a mere moment before the spotlight leaves him, and in the spirit of Young Turks tracks before it, “Water Me” balances minimalism with striking vulnerability and intimacy. FKA twigs is the latest addition to the roster, with a nickname to match her seemingly brittle physicality. Her sincerity is the life of the track, which is set to be released on EP2 for Young Turks/XL on September ninth. FKA twigs did pick up those pieces, though there’s no happy ending here, no real recovery. The question, then, is how much can she grow alone?


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