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Frank Turner

The Way I Tend To Be

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Author: on June 14, 2013

“The Way I Tend To Be”‘s slanted chorus tugs at my love for pop music’s more jarring edges, Turner’s “remember” stretching beautifully at the wrong point to trip me up even now, on the hundredth listen. It’s a track that belongs to the same grinning man who wrote Love Ire & Song‘s “To Take You Home”, even if this time it carries the bitter along with the sweet, as his Live Lounge rendition illustrates pointedly. But what’s striking is the freshness; Tape Deck Heart moves through many moods, but “The Way I Tend To Be” is the breezy frame of mind that rounded off Turner’s best two records, Ire and England Keep My Bones. It has lyrical weight, certainly, but mid-tempo pop songs rarely have the poise to spring it both ways.


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