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Franz Ferdinand

Right Action

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Author: on July 10, 2013

When I saw Franz Ferdinand live for the first time at this year’s Coachella festival, the only thing I kept thinking was: “How the hell are these guys not the world’s biggest band?”

Now, the lightning-in-a-bottle atmosphere of the music festival experience might have caused this (or drugs), but there was something thrilling, even primal, about a band that played so well together. This is where I try to avoid using the cliché “well-oiled machine” but DAMN if that’s not what they were – four Scottish lads totally in tune with each, the jagged, angular guitar bursts ricocheting back and forth with a kind of demented telepathy, the drum fills just so, Kapranos sexy, dangerous and goofy in equal measure. There’s something to be said for a rock band that can really wear the moniker “professional” and not look like assholes, and while that’s a four-letter word in some critical circles, in the middle of the dance floor, sweating and singing along and unable to stay still, I had never cared less.

Now, the first singles from their too long delayed fourth album have been released, and as Franz Ferdinand songs go, they hit about the notes you’d expect. The post-punk revival influence is still strong, the Talking Heads’ clutch on modern bands remains quite impactful, and yes: you will dance. It’s not nearly as brave as their last “record,” an entirely dub cover of Tonight: Franz Ferdinand that played like a secret love letter, but then again what would be? Franz Ferdinand were never right for gimmicks. They’ve found a niche that works, one that they’ve arguably defined and sharpened to a venomous point, and that’s why “Right Action” succeeds as the perfectly catchy, perfectly acceptable heir to bouncy pop-rock ditties like “Take Me Out” and “No You Girls.” That video, too; all ‘60s callbacks and flower-power pastiches, feet firmly planted in the past and tongue firmly planted in cheek. They’re a band confident in their identity, and more importantly, secure in their abilities to melt face at this point of their career, when one would think one has heard all of the dance-rock riffs one could reasonably stomach in 2013, nearly a full decade (!) after “Take Me Out” kicked my ass right off of Linkin Park. No, at this point, changing would only do Franz Ferdinand a disservice, and more importantly, I don’t want them to.

  • Gina

    Nice article, Rudy! Very well written :) And I totally agree.


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