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George Maple x Kilo Kish x Kwes


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Author: on September 20, 2013

Kwes seems a quiet gentleman,  generally evasive of the hype machine, save the occasional moments he pops up to cause a splash, reminding everyone why they want to hear more of him. Kilo Kish hasn’t exactly gone unnoticed this year either, touring her K+ mixtape that showed off her sensual, borderline-sexual lilts so much. Like the other two, George Maple is a vocalist thriving amidst the hazy soul sound, leaning more towards ballad-type productions. Instead of fighting for their share of the same audience, the three come together on “Gripp”, to float wherever the winds take them.

It’s almost cliché, the tale of the pseudo-electronic R’n’B singer supported above velvety clouds of drawn out croons. Instead of being a background element, Maple’s voice acts as its own personality, existing alongside Kilo Kish’s toned confessional, as opposed to taking the back seat. This isn’t before Maple leads the track, however, her verse conjuring what must be a tiresome comparison with Jessie Ware – the difference is Maple avoids that big-room façade for something more intimate. Kwes’ voice cushions the others’ for the briefest of moments, though the downtempo, almost-jazzy ticking beat holds more than a couple of his fingerprints. The trio forgo any brash climax for a more fitting uncontrollable fizzing towards that moment — when their obsession, devotion or love is about to be rewarded. With two strikes of bass, that ultimate intimacy is reached as the camera cuts out and the screen fades to black.

“Gripp” is perfectly suited for those moments when you’re alone, or when you’re both alone, and you can download it free as the inaugural release on Parlez Parlez.


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