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Hop Along

Sister Cities

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Author: on November 25, 2013

Philadelphia three-piece Hop Along has changed quite a bit over their early, formative years, but they seem to be settling into a sweet spot. Their official debut LP (as a band), last year’s remarkable Get Disowned, saw the young musicians bring their skills together in a punchy, dynamic fashion, and their new song “Sister Cities” continues that trend. Crunchy guitars and driving percussion carry the track forward, as Frances Quinlan’s delightfully one-of-a-kind vocal work impresses once again.

She really draws the listener in with her passion: that restrained kind of yelp that fans know so well. As she half wails/half sings, “how long it took to reach the sister cities…” one can almost picture her strained, emphatic facial expressions, and it’s nearly impossible to not be drawn into the band’s engrossing, vibrant sound. Hop Along are one of the more interesting and impressive rising artists of Midwest indie-rock, and “Sister Cities” can only increase the excitement fans will anticipate their next album with. Their talents seem to grow more refined, their sound more determined and enthusiastic with each new release. They’ve come a long way from the more stripped-down Queen Ansleis days, but they seem to finally be realizing their ambitions as a group.


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