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What is this life, why do we strive? Fast on a wheel, too fast to feel. One day, my love, this life will slow. Sam Brookes - One Day
stop talking

Johnny Foreigner

Stop Talking About Ghosts

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Author: on February 25, 2014

“The hardest part is letting go.” The excitement for new Johnny Foreigner record You Can Do Better builds to a head with the breakneck new single “Stop Talking About Ghosts”, which finds a cyclic keyboard motif interrupted variously by Kelly Southern’s adamant cries and Berrow/Herriot’s thunderous guitars. It starts innocuous enough and morphs into a gloriously built bridge, but this song’s beauty is all about its velocity. Even the piano tones feel carried in a rapid current.

“Stop Talking About Ghosts” is available to purchase under Pay What You Can here. All the proceeds from sales of the single will be donated to nursing charity Cavell Nurses Trust.


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