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Justin Bieber

Hold Tight

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Author: on October 29, 2013

In the lead up to his Believe movie, annoying teen-heartthrob, that people have surely gotten over by now, Justin Bieber, has been dropping new tracks every week with his Music Mondays campaign. Merits of only implying music is a one-day-of-the-week affair aside, I have to admit Bieber’s on to something with “Hold Tight”. It’s not quite the first time I’ve found myself enjoying the singer’s work — “Boyfriend” is pretty strong as far as I’m concerned. Bieber songs seem to come down to how well-produced they are; however, who produced “Hold Tight” remains a mystery.

Right from the first note, the track harkens back to (or even bites) Ciara’s hit “Body Party”; though coming off as a next-best substitute as opposed to poorly-made rip-off. It isn’t just the production that embodies curiously familiar attributes either, as Bieber’s conversational-croon channels the style of Jeremih. Again, this is no bad thing — too long has maximal, abrasive and aggressive trance-house dominated chart hits; I personally find the trends of Mike Will Made It and 40 much easier on the ears. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t original — it’s pop. It’s light and airy, swooning synths and Southern hi-hats over beats that leave room to breathe, instead of suffocating listeners with inanity.

Bieber’s vocals should be filed under does-the-job rather than modern-day-Usher, as his attempts to speak sensual and tease with intimacy sometimes seem to surpass desire into whining territory. That is something I am willing to forgive. There is a lot I’m willing to forgive, actually — this track is far from perfect and it’s certainly no “Baby I” or anything, but as pop goes, it’s slick enough to merit some recognition and suggests that with the right guidance, someone (whoever our mystery panache producer may be) could make something memorable out of Bieber yet.


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