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Real Love

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Author: on April 23, 2014

I sprung from the ghetto of New Orleans / Where most die young and never know they father / Why bother? / I’m a product of dysfunctional adolescent problems / But today I’m just comfortable / Enough to let you all in”. That’s how Kolley introduces himself, though he  now resides in a small town in south-central Mississippi. Bassfield is home to little over three-hundred people, and I’m going to assume at this point, a lot of folks outside of MS’s state-borders are in a similar boat as myself: you’ve never heard of the place prior to reading this or any other piece about Kolley and his resounding flow. Do a quick internet search, though, and it’s easy to see that the town must be damn near sopping in rural Southern pride. Bassfield’s own website is a heart-on-sleeve homage to small-town living that is amateurishly constructed but clearly expresses the ton of love invested in it.

From the outside, this can seem meaningless in relation to “Real Love”, but I feel as if this country demeanour pervades itself throughout the song. On first listen – really seconds after he enters the track, with all this Lil Wayne gusto, back when Wanye spitting “best rapper alive” actually had some clout – Kolley comes off feeling more dirt road than concrete sprawl. His rhyming is precise, deadly, and on “Real Love” there’s a distinctive venom to his bars. “I wasn’t in my books, I was writing hooks / Chasing pussy, smoking dope / You know, the average crook / Fourteen, no parents, that gritty look”, he says before expounding on the love of his children and grandma, even after he left her home at sixteen. Riding a gorgeous beat provided by Big K.R.I.T., Kolley essentially goes hookless (save a particularly pretty vocal sample), constructing an engrossing narrative of his rise from little-known country dude to a man who’s making people from around the world Google search Bassfield, Mississippi, half curious as to the place that could birth a talent like Kolley. That alone is worth celebrating, but thankfully, “Real Love” is also indispensable, so just keep it on repeat.




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