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what death

Los Campesinos!

What Death Leaves Behind

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Author: on August 30, 2013

About eighteen years ago, I wrote about Romance Is Boring, stumbling through a passionately uncertain relationship to show off its raw effects on my mood, believing that – as fellow By Volume writer Robin thinks of the comparatively/absolutely dull Hello Sadness – its sticking was through the least transferable kind of addiction, the sort that clings and doesn’t even explain why. But these years later, Los Campesinos! have clambered through all their passion, melody, and (let’s face it) goddamn persistence to the top of a hill in my head.

“What Death Leaves Behind” – the lead single from upcoming album No Blues – stands firm and triumphant atop that peak where Hello Sadness was overawed by the task of describing it. Jubilant (excessively so?) and anthemic, it’s Los Campesinos!’ fullest sound yet, hinting that 2013 may see their excellent songwriting pulled in more conventional directions. The thing is, though, that while Romance Is Boring thrilled for its downright fucking weirdness, if No Blues all sounds like “What Death Leaves Behind”, it will be an absolute tour-de-force of Los Campesinos!’ underlying brilliance – melody, energy, smirks, and a thin layer of raised eyebrows.


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