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Main Attrakionz

Summa Time

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Author: on July 2, 2013

Coming off a disappointingly glossy major-label debut, Main Attrakionz fell into a quandary on how to regain the trust of fans that retreated back to their 808s and Dark Grapes II record. To announce a sequel fully mastered by Friendzone – the ethereal producers responsible for the most breathtaking clouds on that underground classic – is positively unreal. First single “Summa Time” is nearly that, a fantastic teaser that captures the appeal of both artists in a stirringly radiant jam. The pensive flow of the rap duo is matched to effervescent synthwork and skittering hi-hats, building to an exclamated chorus that’s fittingly rousing, but then Friendzone take it to a whole ‘nother level with the most transcendent chiming keys, and you’re left in awe at the magic of this collaboration, in eager anticipation of the forthcoming joint.


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