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Majical Cloudz


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Author: on November 23, 2013

Impersonator acted as my healing record this year, the album I could turn to for an unflinching conversation on self-improvement. In Devon Welsh’s performance I found a vivid desire to pierce through the barriers separating artist and listener, with the intent of communicating the simple, compassionate message: “I’m loving you.” My first instinct was to turn away, to laugh at such candid expression. But I eventually returned to examine what left me unsettled, and found myself receiving the sincerity, slipping into the amber glow of those words, the warmth of Welsh’s delivery. I stayed out of need, finding hope in Impersonator that other music seemed incapable of imparting.

“Savage”, a single capping a revelatory year for Majical Cloudz, delivers the same three-word message, but under shifted circumstances. Welsh sings of a slipping friendship, offering reassurance from a place of personal weakness: “I want to be your angel but I can’t.” The words appear to be directed towards a specific person, communicated in song because the real conversation is too much to bear. It’s a song to be sent to a friend with guiding instructions: “Listen to this song. I want you to know it’s how I feel.” Welsh pulls that scenario into the track itself – those words form the opening lines of “Savage.” It seems like a silly decision at first, but it’s very much in line with Welsh’s fascination with how we interact with songs, how the artist can acknowledge and deepen intimacy. From that framing, he goes on to detail mutual drug trips and the indefinable bonds that form in the shared experience. Matthew Otto transfers the scene through a vividly rendered soundscape: piano chords shift in place, suppressing tremors as egos contort and dissolve; Welsh runs from “faces in the snow,” reverb swelling with fright, voices trailing like apparitions. It’s immersion that takes an active role in storytelling, defining elusive feelings with sharp clarity. The result is a deeply moving track, one that perfectly captures the forces that draw us to Majical Cloudz, and the reasons we stay in the tender glow of their music.


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