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Mutual Benefit

Advanced Falconry

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Author: on November 7, 2013

In “Advanced Falconry”, Mutual Benefit has managed to elicit a kind of feeling in me that I haven’t felt since Youth Lagoon’s “Montana”. Immediately I was submerged in the song’s aesthetics; there was something wonderfully washed about the track. Such a vague word, I know, but it’s a perfect one in some ways. This is what I mean: there are plenty of adjectives I (and others like me) have used to describe the kinds of mellifluous, dreamy sounds berthed from songs like “Advanced Falconry”. Sepia-toned, honeyed, shimmery – these give a metaphorical texture and description that, in some cases, are very much apropos in a critical mindset. But the very immediacy I feel about a song like “Advanced Falconry” suggests something more than mellifluous adjectives. In a song with deceptively simple layers of reverberated violin, guitar, and light hand-clap/tambourine percussion, Jordan Lees’ gauzy and welcoming voice and his lilting melodic turn churns “Advanced Falconry” deep into the seams of adjectives. The cracks that abound in between what these words can mean represent the rhythm of language and memory, and it is the thing that gives Mutual Benefit some sort of buoyancy. Like “Montana,” this is not a particularly demanding song, nor is it a particularly gutsy one. But its immediacy and innocence is perfect. It’s innocent because it rests inside these cracks of nostalgia and memory. It is not innocent because of naïveté; no, the song is innocent because it is aware that it projects an idealized version of love in a basic and undeveloped sense, a puppy love not tried against the test of realities. It is aware of this but dares to exist anyway.


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