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Okkervil River

It Was My Season

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Author: on June 18, 2013

Much of Will Sheff’s preamble to The Silver Gymnasium has been as jubilant as its first track. He’s talked of the album’s recording process as a creative high-point and, in layman’s terms, a fucking good time. He’s welcomed and entertained the guesswork Okkervil River fans put into discovering its title, bit by bit, as its long reveal was teased out on the band’s website. And, typical of the enthused front-man, as much music writer as he is maker, he’s gushed over its conceptual themes, setting the scene as New Hampshire in 1986.

“It Was My Season” is an infectiously joyful song, cultivating Sheff’s attraction to quiet-loud dynamics and precisely unfolding layers to usher listeners in. It’s a far cry from the cryptic arm-folding of I Am Very Far, an inexplicably verbose, ambiguously dramatic, crazy loud album that was self-satisfying in a completely different way. This instead suggests an album of reminiscence and respite, introducing us to a world to haul up in.


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