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Ra Deflin

Tema ft. Jessica Johnson

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Author: on January 9, 2014

From the offset “Tema” feels like it belongs in the bedroom. Beyond Ra Deflin’s cynically nostalgic inspection of the one who got away, the tune is musically dreary eyed and introspective, as though Ra Deflin penned his bars while in a lucid state before sleep. Relaying his lost ambitions and closet nightmares about a relationship spent “acting like ghosts” for years., it’s an almost frightening look at how easily romance can turn stale, but the song doesn’t lose sight of an ability to move on.

We’ve got this love that’s complex yet it’s beautiful / Nothing in me is ready, ready to let go”, is serenely cooed by Jessica Johnson; but, I feel as though this isn’t so much a literal declaration from Deflin or the essence of his ex – more so I feel this is what Deflin wants to believe she’d say to him. This is the ego rallying into a bunker, preparing to take fire. To start the song, in between verses and to conclude, this chorus hangs, ready to erect a wall-of-id to protect Ra’s self-esteem as he barrages himself with regrets, what-ifs and circumstantial “fuck-offs.” It’s an assertion of ego as a thing of nature as opposed to a force – Ra Deflin is trying to resonate a pure emotion and pretty-well succeeds at doing this. Doesn’t hurt that he presents most of his psycho-analyzation in the form of sick rhymes then surrounds those with a juicy minimalist beat and Johnson’s effervescent vocals.


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