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Author: on March 5, 2014

From the onset, “Flame” boasts some pretty striking imagery: fires being set, resurrection of the dead, destruction of monsters and chills to your bones. Finnish singer Ronya is able to wield these themes with the will of a sorceress though, emphatically declaring, “I am the flame” repeatedly during the song’s delectable hook. “I’m gonna cause a fire / I knew it would happen baby” she assures us, just after “Flame” begins, and it’s not so much a passing remark as an honest mark of purpose. Fittingly, her sizzling-croon is propelled by an icy production that totes lush 80s-pop-esque synthlines and Chicago-house percussion. This song could fit easily on Settle’s track list as effortlessly as it could on Deep Cuts. It has a strangely timeless feel to it while also being distinctly of-the-moment. This has a lot to do with Ronya’s exciting presence on record; her energy is palpable and her voice is pitched just-so to deliver deceptively acidic hooks at exactly the right moment. “I could  feel it in my bones / my bones in my body / my bones in my body / and the skin on my back”, she explains as her body alights in an inferno. After listening to “Flame” a few times, you probably will too.


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