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Samuel Cooper


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Author: on April 8, 2014

You know that scene in the oft over-appreciated (yet, unfairly detested) O Brother, Where Art Thou?, where everyone’s favorite goofy jailbird Delmar follows a congregation of Southern Baptists as they shuffle down towards a riverbed? “Down to the River to Pray” echoes in the background as a choir of voices construct the hymn in unison before Delmar is washed beneath the waters. “Faucet” isn’t heavy handed like this, and it’s certainly not religious in any way. But as Samuel Cooper’s voice is multi-tracked and soothes its way in via a choir of “la la la’s” the song reaches those same hymnal heights.

It’s distinctly Southern, dipped in folksy Americana, but “Faucet” still feels so active, as though it’d fare just as well at night before some endless excitement as it would sipping sweet tea, watching the clouds shift during a lazy afternoon. Once the hand claps, xylophone and bass kick in, “Faucet” transforms into this engrossing and uplifting piece of radiant pop that propels Cooper’s cautious croon skyward. His voice is gruff, a soprano dragged through a gravel pit, but dammit can he harmonize. For the predominance of “Faucet” you can hear the studio touches made to the vocals in the form of multi-tracks and down-pitch echoes but Cooper’s voice is akin to molasses, it’s syrupy and laid back. It may take a moment to warm up to, but oh my, is it sweet. It compliments the driving bass and whirling guitar riffs pristinely but what really sticks with you after the fact is that distinct bassy tone. Whether it’s Cooper’s voice or the supremely infectious bass line, there’s a gruff to “Faucet’s” sweetness that lingers even after the tune ends. Like maple syrup drawn straight from the tree — it’s the purest form, but you’ll always get a little bark to chew on.



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