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ScHoolboy Q

Man Of THe Year

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Author: on November 21, 2013

For someone who didn’t begin seriously rapping until he was twenty-one, ScHoolboy Q has a distinct talent for banging hooks. Even at his most introspective or mercilessly brutal the hooks are nearly always golden. Used more as anchoring points for songs as opposed to sing-along audience pleasers, Q is able to instill his surprisingly kitsch personality into sometimes otherwise distant and standoffish music. “Man Of THe Year” is really no different from his other output in this sense, the whole thing feels like the biggest damn party in existence. Nez & Rio lay down a syrupy beat, coupling a massive bassline with some woozily layered synthesizer and Q has his way with it. Bouncing between images of liquor flowing and asses shaking, dogs needing their feline counterparts and massive crowds seen from a stage — “Man Of THe Year” is about as wide-screened as Q has been to date.

Q recorded this track for the NBA2K14 soundtrack, but hopefully it makes its way onto his next record Oxymoron. Unlike a lot of the high-energy tunes from Habits & Contradictions, “Man Of THe Year” is distinctly minimal, with evident elements of trance and dream pop – yet Q adapts seamlessly to nearly every aspect of the beat, flourishing in the process. This isn’t the first time the man has downright owned a beat with a great EDM backbone, but it’s never felt this plain poppy before. Though Nez & Rio’s delectable creation could easily be accentuated by a slick R&B chorus, or say, even used as a vehicle for someone like Solange or Ciara — instead, Q grabs it by the legs and promptly flips the whole song upside down.


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