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Sleep Party People

In Another World

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Author: on March 25, 2014

“In Another World” is an absurdly well-fitting title for this song. Sleep Party People have created a distant, cavernous hearth where an inferno rages. That wiry guitar riff and entrancing percussion leave us to do little than put on our best Jimmy Stewart impressions and play voyeur from the upstairs window, observing this crimson séance ritual from the comfort of our living room – left to create our own narrative as shadows fly and screams cry out from some seaside mansion built during America’s Gilded Age. You don’t know what’s going on, but it’s dire, and you cannot look away. As the guitars swell, Brian Batz’s voice hits its peak lethargic croon and a violin that’s been lingering in the background takes control of the tempo – “In Another World” hits its climatic stride before fading out with rumbling reverb and the transportation is complete. What surrounds you now is this decisively antiquated world where Sleep Party People soundtrack your visit with deceptively modern music. It may seem like all film noire dramatics, but that’s just the macabre nature of this immersing dream pop – it’s projected in grayscale, but the detail is immaculate.



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