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Son Lux

Easy (Switch Screens) ft. Lorde

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Author: on March 24, 2014


A gem off Son Lux’s newest remix EP Alternate Worlds, “Easy (Switch Screens)”  is a pairing between the NYC based producer and everyone’s (deserved) most/least favorite it-celebrity-with-actual-chops Lorde, and it’s possibly the most delightfully mind-bending piece yet from either artist. Taken from Son Lux’s last record Lanterns, this reimagined version of “Easy” isn’t too terribly different from its sparse forbear. But when the vocal duties are handed away and Ryan Lott is able to fully embellish the song’s instrumentation, as opposed to melding it around his voice, it takes on a life of its own. “Easy (Switch Screens)” is less a Son Lux remix and more a song re-contextualized through the eyes of Lorde. Without doubt this is a Son Lux tune at heart but the young songstress is able to slink in, adding her effortless cool to a song already steeped in classic jazz swag and experimental abandon. The beat is thick, fearsome and once that sax starts crooning, as Lorde lazily emphasizes “easy“, it’s difficult not to melt under all the hidden heat. It all comes to a cloudy head as “Easy (Switch Screens)” nearly fades out; that is of course before Steven Temme’s sax and Rafiq Bhatia’s guitar go-the-fuck-off and the two toss us about in a whirlpool of pitch shifts before the song ends. What we’re left with is further emphasis that revisiting and revising art can break ground to fabulous new ends. Sure, not everything needs to be reanalyzed — but maybe sometimes, an artist should be allowed go back an attempt to make their previous work even better.




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