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Mans On Road

Tracks On Production

Mans On Road

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Author: on January 28, 2014

Update: Don’t watch the follow-up, Man Get Stupid.

News of Niche Nightclub’s closure hasn’t reached north of Sheffield yet, apparently.

It’s surely impossible not to sound throwback when it comes to bassline, I’ve yet to be convinced otherwise at least. But none of that matters, because I can’t tear myself away from Tracks’ “Mans On Road”. It’s landed on Bandcamp with an instrumental and an a capella too if you hit up Tracks with an email but the YouTube video has been around for a minute, ratings divided right down the middle accompanied by shots of Leeds and Bradford road signs and all. It features our protagonist insinuating self-proclamation of roadman status lighting and smoking next to his motorbike, between drug deliveries perhaps.

Unlike the DJ Smile farce, which was more or less mocked by everyone but with tongues firmly held in cheeks, “Mans On Road” actually veers into the so-bad-it-might-be-good territory. It might be my teenage years formed with niche/bassline simply resounding with “Mans On Road”, as it boasts no particularly noteworthy musicianship. Still, I find myself repeating the awkward, cringe-worthy lyrics. It doesn’t matter if this has turned out to be an in-joke in the UK electronic scene, because people keep on listening to it.

And if I can’t stop tuning in, it can’t be so bad, can it? Well, there’s only one thing made explicitly clear in the midst of all this:

Mans On Road.


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