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The War On Drugs

Eye to the Wind

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Author: on March 13, 2014

The War on Drugs’ astonishing new record captures moments of revelation as expansive seas of sound, isolating that tug on your heart, that gulp in your throat, as boundless feeling unknowing of time and place, limited only by surrender to primal emotion. This is the spirit guiding the triumphant “Eyes to the Wind”, a rock song that envisions the moment before epiphany and suspends it in air, leaving the wind to carry it to completion. But following this gust is no easy task – its direction can only be tracked with one’s internal compass. Tapping into this intuition has Adam Granduciel in anxious fear (“it’s just a stranger living in me!”) yet its truth is undeniable: it’s steering the galloping drums, beaming through the joyous piano lead, tracing the guitar arcs illuminating the skyline. And Granduciel’s weighted sighs – every phrase reliant on the next – reveal that he believes it too, that this trek can only end in blissful realization. So the climax arrives with heartfelt promise, a diffusive swirl of saxophone and twinkling piano, the restraint revealing the true parable for our protagonist: the revelation is in the journey, not the point of arrival. “Eyes to the Wind” is the triumph of the human spirit, a life-affirming rock song that sears the heart, long past the final fade-out into the horizon.



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